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Carbide burrs

Carbide burrs

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  • Product description: carbide burrs

Our carbide burrs good quality with high hardness and strength, keep long life. 

Product application:

Widely using on all kinds industrial department , like machine, cars,vessel, craft sculpture etc.

1.Fine finishing on all kinds of metal mould cavity, like shoes mould.

2.working on all kinds of metal and nonmetal's Craft sculpture. those trimming,burrs and weld line on casting , forge and weldment part.

4.chamfering and rounding and processing the bore surface on machine part , cleaning the pipeline.

5 sleeking on the impeller runner part.

Main Advantage:

1. can cut all kinds of metal which hardness under HRC70(include quenched steel ),and those nonmetal (marble,jade,bone).

2. can instead of small handle grinding wheel  on most works,and no any dust pollution 

3. high production efficiency,10 times higher than manual file and small handle grinding wheel .

4. good quality processing,highly polishing,can work on all kinds of high-precision mould cavity .

5. longer working lifetime ,on durability side ,ten times longer than high speed steel tools,200 times longer than alumina grinding wheel.

6. Safe and easy using,can reduce workers' labour intensity and improve the working condition.

7. Enhancing the economic efficiency,ten time production cost will be saving .

Working instruction:

1. Mostly using on the electrical tools and air tools drives(also can be machine tool), rotate speed is 6000-40000rds/m. The carbide burrs need be correct clamped, cutting direction should be uniformly moving from right to left , can't be to-and-fro motion. Using the goggles to avoid to smear metal splashing.

2. Can't increase too big pressure in the case of the grinding machine's speed is decreasing,if so,will cause the carbide burrs too hot and get dull easily..

3. The carbide burrs should be contacted with workpiece enoughly, then the more cutting edge can go deep in to the workpiece, and make the better effect .

4, Should avoid the shank to contacting with workpiece, if so, the carbide burrs will be very hot and destroy the copper welding joint .

5. In operation, can use some lubricants , like iquid wax lubricants and synthetic lubricants, can add some lubricant into carbide burrs head regularly.


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